Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes. You can cancel your booking. However, if you cancel the booking after the driver has already reached your destination an amount of Rs.300 needs to be paid to him.

Can I modify my journey?
Yes. Before 8 hours of the journey.
You can modify the date, time, destination, and type of vehicle.
However, within 8 hours of the journey, modification cannot be done.

Do you assure me of the Type of Taxi I had booked?
Yes. However in some rare cases, we are not able to provide you the exact type of vehicle, we shall offer you a similar type of alternate vehicle. For example, if you have booked an Innova. If it is not available we may offer you Xylo.

What are the waiting charges?
For Round Trip, there are no waiting charges.
For drop trips waiting charges will be Rs.100 for one hour.
We all know and agree, Long distance travel generally needs a refreshment break and a couple of small breaks, especially when we travel with kids. These breaks are acceptable. Waiting charges apply only when the break is beyond such acceptable limits. Remember, time is money for the Taxi operator too.
Here are the detailed charges and rates

What happens if the Taxi breaks down midway?
As a policy, we contract only Taxis which are in very good running condition. Minor repairs like tyre deflation etc can be rectified in minutes. In case of a major breakdown, we shall arrange an alternate taxi. We endeavor to ensure you reach your destination with minimal loss of time and comfort.

What about the rude behavior of Taxi drivers?
We contract well-behaved drivers only. We instruct and train them on the importance of polite and respectful behavior towards customers. In case you find some of them are rude and impolite please do not hesitate to call us at 7999222000. We shall initiate suitable action and keep you informed.

What if I miss my connecting flight or train at the destination city?
With ever-growing traffic in all cities, it is prudent on the part of the customer to plan such trips well in advance. You will agree these factors are beyond our control. Droptaxi is not liable for any compensation whatsoever in such instances.

In case of any disputes or misunderstanding on the fare OR services rendered, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at our 24x7 Call centre (7999222000) or write to us at